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Apprehended bias
Can apprehended bias (or something else) be used in order to change family reporter in circumstances where the family reporters first report was grossly and patently wrong, fooled by the acting of one parent and child deliberately attempting to deceive the court, missing the nasty psychological dynamics altogether (although clear and obvious evidence of the dynamics was not available at the time of the report, but is available now)?
A fully ethical reporter would admit they were totally wrong, but in circumstances where the reporters reputation is that they don't change their mind under cross-examination (ever?), it would be a risk to use the same reporter again.
At a minimum they may be tempted to water down their assessment, as to make a full and proper assessment would be pointing out just how dangerously wrong (perhaps incompetent) they were in the first instance.
Could this count for apprehended bias, or is there something else that can be used here to effect change of a family reporter?


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