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Subpoena of medical evidence
(23-Jul-2015, 02:20 PM)Claudine Wrote: Hi,

My ex-partner has recently made some pretty extreme allegations about me, accusing me of some terrible acts of child abuse.

This has come out of the blue, as we have been co-operating quite well with the kids lately.

Although I was really shocked by these allegations, they were not entirely unexpected given that my ex has experienced psychological issues on and off since I first met him.

I have recently been told that he visits a psychologist near his work, and I am worried as to how his strange paranoia may end up affecting the kids one day.

If my ex was to take me to Court (I am assuming that this will be his end-game given the nature of the allegations), can I subpoena his psychological records from his psychologist?

I am asking this question because I have been given conflicting information on this, but can remember references to client/patient privilege that I often hear on TV shows.

add you reply here...Hi im new to this site so im not sure when this was posted. the same thing happened to me and in florida this is what i did. Chances are all of what is listed in his motion is not in anyway probable with facts. therefore you can obgect to it being hearsay. That got all of what she filed droped. I dont know if you would want his doctors files as it may not have what you want. i would ask the judge if he would allow a psychological evalution for your ex and if i was you i would get one yourself as it shows you arent hiding. but get them done at the same agreed on facility. And share your reports..


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