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Hello everyone,

I'm facing a new and rather concerning challenge related to my 21-year-old son's involvement in cryptocurrency casinos, and I'm seeking guidance and information from this forum. To add to my worries, I'm not even sure if cryptocurrency casinos are legal in Australia, and I'm wondering if these establishments can be prosecuted for facilitating such activities.

Recently, my son has been spending a significant amount of time and money on cryptocurrency casino platforms. As his parent, I'm deeply concerned about the potential risks and consequences associated with this form of gambling, particularly considering the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. It's alarming to see him drawn into this world, and I want to ensure his safety and well-being.

However, I'm also curious about the legal aspects of cryptocurrency casinos in Australia. Can anyone provide insight into whether these platforms are operating within the bounds of the law? Moreover, is there any legal recourse that can be taken against casinos that facilitate cryptocurrency gambling, especially when it comes to protecting vulnerable individuals like my son?

I understand that laws surrounding cryptocurrency and gambling can be complex and vary by jurisdiction, but I'd appreciate any information or experiences that can shed light on the situation. My goal is to better understand the legal framework and explore potential steps to help my son if necessary.

Your knowledge and advice on this matter would be immensely valuable. I'm determined to support my son and ensure he doesn't fall deeper into this gambling world, but I want to do so within the confines of the law. Thank you all for your assistance and insights during this challenging time.
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