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Notice of withdrawal as Lawyer
Hi all,
I received this notice from my former partner's solicitor yesterday.

Take notice that: 1. I have previously acted for XXXXXXXXXX (“the client”) in this case.
1. I hereby withdraw from the record and no longer act for the client in this case.
2. I confirm that -
(a) I have served a notice of intention to withdraw as lawyer (“the notice of intention to withdraw”) on the client by emailing it to her.
(b) the notice of intention to withdraw was served on the client at least 7 days before the date of filing of this notice;
© a true copy of the notice of intention to withdraw is attached to this notice; and
(d) the client’s last known residential or business address and telephone number are set out in the notice of intention to withdraw.

It reads as if she has given notice to her client and no longer wants to represent her. I would never have thought a lawyer would give up on a paying client.
We are still going through the Federal Circuit Court in regards to my time with the children with a conciliation conference scheduled for two weeks time.

Is this normally the case? Or would have my former partner notified her solicitor that their services were no longer required?



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