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Медицинские книги - Roberthah - 01-Aug-2023

Медициснкие книги скачать. Библиотека медицинской литературы. Всё для студента-медика. Книги, истории болезней, рефераты, шпаргалки, нормативная документация.

How to connect Ledger to MetaMask? - pesel80612 - 10-Aug-2023

In the vast sea of available crypto wallets and exchanges, How to connect Ledger to MetaMaskis the best choice for managing crypto tokens and seamless interaction with dApp among a lot of crypto enthusiasts. Along with that, there are various other features of the platform that makes it more popular in the crypto market and today we are going to talk about its compatibility with hardware wallet. Yes, you heard it right-Hardware Wallet. The platform provides a seamless connection with hardware crypto wallets that makes it easier for users to manage their crypto funds of both wallets in the same place. 
After reading through the above paragraph, if you are wondering that, how to connect Ledger to MetaMask (if you are already a user of Ledger Device), then we want you to clarify that it is so simple. First of all, you need to launch your MetaMask extension and then click on your account drop-down icon. Now, click on the “Hardware Wallet’ option. Then, connect your Ledger to your desktop and launch the ETH app on your Ledger device. Now, switch back to your MetaMask interface and then hit on the “Ledger” section, and then “Continue”. In last, you just need to select the account of your Ledger Wallet that you wish to connect with your MetaMask. Then, hit on “Unlock” in order to solve your query of how to connect Ledger to MetaMask.

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