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Parenting Plans
Can anyone share with me any good example parenting plans for parents who have shared care of two kids?
This site has a treasure trove of sample parenting plans, all for free.

Simple go to the free resources section under "sample Legal Documents", or just follow this link.

I would like to emphasise the point made by Domino about Sample Legal Documents. There are heaps of parenting plans samples, and they are all for free. So go & download them. Its not very often you get anything free in family law, especially of such high quality.

Don't forget the Factsheets library too, especially the section on Parenting Plans. http://www.familylawexpress.com.au/family-law-factsheets/category/parenting-plans/

I bet if you download and read these samples/factsheets, the majority of your questions will already be answered.
There are several templates available online that you can look up


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