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Can MetaMask hold Bitcoin?
A cryptocurrency wallet that is built on the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol is called MetaMask. Because of this, some individuals think that MetaMask is exclusive to Ethereum as only ERC-20 tokens are supposed to be held in MetaMask. And it is true, hence, you cannot use the MetaMask wallet to store Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency asset which is not based on the ERC-20 protocol.Can MetaMask hold Bitcoin If the coin is built on the ERC-20 protocol, you can store it securely with MetaMask. If you want to store a non-ERC-20 token, you must first exchange it for an ERC-20 token before putting it in your MetaMask wallet. 
You also get an extensive list of tokens because the ERC-20 protocol has several cryptocurrency coins listed on it. Although we have mentioned that MetaMask users can't hold Bitcoin in their wallets, there are two alternatives available using which you can store your Bitcoins in it. One of the methods is that you can either swap your Bitcoin for any other Ethereum-based token before storing it in the MetaMask Wallet. And the next alternative is to use the wrapped wBTC. After you have wrapped your Bitcoin it would be called the wBTC and the process of it is on their official sites.


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