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Child Contact Centre Evidence
Can I use no shows to child contact centres as evidence against my ex, or is this privileged information, like the information that is client/solicitor privileged?
(28-Aug-2015, 02:58 PM)Rlloyd Wrote: Can I use no shows to child contact centres as evidence against my ex, or is this privileged information, like the information that is client/solicitor privileged?

I think you are probably thinking of the legislative requirement that prevents the use of counselling notes to be subpoenaed and used as evidence within the Family Court and related courts. The logic was that parents would try and ‘game’ the counselling session to better their chances in Court, rather than genuinely attempt to resolve their issues.

To the best of my knowledge, this restriction does not apply to child contact centres, and a no-show can easily be referred to in your affidavit, and it would be up to your ex to contest this in Court.
I would however make a diary entry when or if this happens, as well as keep any record of the non-attendance that you get, for example via the invoice from the child contact centre.
If this attendance was mandated by court orders, then it could be seen to be a very serious matter, and some judges are not afraid to reprimand the parent who has ignored the orders of the court without good reason.  
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